Meet Our Team

Britt Pope

Sales - Independence Blvd.

Britt was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He'll be the first to ask if you remember First Union Bank or the original Krispy Kreme on Hawthorne!?! He likes remembering the old school Queen City! If you ask Britt why he has stayed in Charlotte for so long, he'll tell you he loves the people, he loves the weather, he loves that you're just a couple of hours from the mountains, a couple hours from the beach....he'll tell you we are very lucky to be here. Britt is a self-proclaimed sports FREAK! He loves watching and playing sports with his wife and four sons. Britt has been in auto sales for four years, but, he's been in general sales for over 20 years. In 2011, he sold his personal 2004 Jeep Cherokee and thought to himself "I CAN DO THIS FOR A LIVING!" About a month later he was clocking in at a dealership and never looked back!